Visa Services

We also provide Visiting / Business / Student / immigration visa consultancy services to various countries around the world.


    The visitor visa is for people traveling to various countries temporarily for tourism, holiday, business, visiting family or friends or medical treatment. These are short term in nature and can be single entry or multiple entry visas.


    Various countries offer Business Visas for Business executives, entrepreneurs, investors, business persons, multi-national companies to visit their country to stimulate economic growth and development. This will help improve the job markets and create client specific opportunities to develop foreign trade and commerce in that country.


    A student visa is issued for the specific purpose to allow students to study at various educational institutions across the world. A student visa is a non-immigrant and non-permanent visa and does not require the individual to obtain citizenship and is issued for a specific period of time.


    A permanent resident is someone who has been given a permanent resident status after immigrating to a particular country but is not a citizen of that country. The work permit allows individuals of various nationalities to legally live and work in the country. On the basis of work experience in a particular country, skills, education and various other factors, a person can get a permanent resident visa.


    A valid Work Permit or a Work Visa allows an individual to work in a foreign land. A full time permission to work in another country is prescribed under the guidelines of work permit. There is also Job Search Visa, related to jobs. The visa allows people to cross the international borders and search for jobs. Once they find a suitable job based on their profile, they can apply for the working visa. The job search visa has certain limitations and is allowed only for a period of certain days. After getting a suitable job, they must file for the work permit within a stipulated time.